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Water Purification

Water drawn from Lake Springfield for the purpose of meeting this community's domestic water needs is purified at the Water Purification Plant, located just north of the Dallman and Dallman 4 electric generating stations. The Water Purification Plant was first opened in 1935 and has since undergone several expansions and upgrades to bring it to its present processing capability of 46 million gallons per day.

Steps taken during the water purification process ensure CWLP's ability to convert raw lake water into a safe, clean product that consistently meets state water quality standards.

Purification Process

Clarification & Filtration

Water Filter Expansion Project

Building New Clearwell and Water Pump Stations

Water Works Infrastructure Improvement Program

In conjunction with the clearwell, the utility's Water Works Infrastructure Improvement Program also called for the construction of two water pumping stations: a high-service station located immediately south of the new clearwell, and a low-service station east of it, along the lake shore just southwest of Spaulding Dam. These facilities were designed to house the low- and high-service water pumps that have been located in the Lakeside Power Station since the lake and that facility were built in 1935. The Lakeside Power Station and the equipment in it have served their useful lives. The electric generating units housed there were decommissioned after the Dallman 4 Power Station was completed in 2009.

The new low-service pump station, which is located closest to the lake and was completed in the fall of 2014, pumps raw water from the lake to the Purification Plant. The high-service pump station, which was completed in May 2014 and is located just south of the new clearwell, pumps water from the clearwell into the citywide water distribution system. This system consists of over 760 miles of transmission and distribution mains.

The total cost of building the new pumping stations and clearwell was $41 million.

To view photos and documents about the new facilities and progress, visit the documents section of the water division.