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CWLP’s mySolar program allows customers to go green by purchasing locally generated solar power as an add-on to electric bill via subscription. This 250 kW installation, which began operation in December 2018, is located adjacent to the utility’s Washington Substation at 606 Old Tippecanoe Drive. MySolar provides an affordable option for solar energy for those who want to go green, but without the financial means or roof space to install their own solar. In its first year of operation, this solar installation produced 316 MWH, enough energy to power around 30 homes for one year.

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How much does it cost?
In addition to your regular electric charges, you can purchase blocks of solar energy in 100-kWh increments for $4.40 per block.

How will enrollment affect my CWLP bill?
You will be billed monthly for each block purchased as a rate rider in addition to your regular electric charges for a subscription term of one year. There is a one-time bill set-up fee of $5.

How much solar is available?
There are 3,700 blocks of 100 kWh being made available in the program. Once all blocks are subscribed, the enrollment period into the mySolar program will close until blocks are available.
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How Do I Enroll?
Online: Fill out the online form or link to pdf form below.
By Phone: (217.789.2070): Give us your information. We'll fill out the paperwork and send it to you for your signature. When you return the signed form to us, we'll begin your subscription.
Email: ( or Mail (CWLP ESO, mySolar, 1008 E. Miller St., Springfield, IL 62702): Send us your: name; account number and customer number; service address; mailing address (if different from service address); daytime phone number; and the number of 100-kWh blocks of solar energy you want to purchase. We will send you an agreement to sign and once returned to us, you’ll be subscribed.

Questions: 217.789.2070 or

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I agree to purchase 100kWh blocks at $4.40 each month

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Questions? Contact the Energy Services Office at 217.789.2070 or