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CWLP provides retail water service to two communities adjacent to Springfield, as well as to certain nearby unincorporated areas. Wholesale service is provided to several other nearby communities. Wholesale water sales provide value to both our Springfield and our wholesale water customers. The outlying communities are assured a reliable source of reasonably priced, high-quality drinking water, while the profits earned by CWLP from these sales help to keep rates as low as possible for our Springfield customers.

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Retail service is provided to Southern View, Leland Grove, and the unincorporated areas mentioned above. Basic water rates for these retail customers are 30% higher than those charged customers inside Springfield's corporate limits. (Southern View customers pay an additional 5% to cover the village's municipal utility tax.) This rate differential is justified based on water industry cost of service and rate design principles.

Wholesale service is provided to Grandview, Jerome, Loami, Rochester, the Sugar Creek Public Water District, the Williamsville-Sherman Water Commission, and Round Prairie Water Cooperative. These communities purchase water in bulk from CWLP and serve as the water supplier to their residents. The rate each of these wholesale customers is charged is based on a specific formula built into that customer's contract with CWLP.

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