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CWLP's Water Division, Water Resources Department, and Water Divison employees racked up several awards at the 2014 WATERCON Conference. The Conference was held in Springfield in late March by the Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association in conjunction with the Illinois Water Environment Association.

For developing and implementing examplary source water protection programs for Lake Springfield, CWLP won top honors in the Source Water Protection category. In its submittal, CWLP outlined the City of Springfield's Land Use Plan, which preserves and enhances the lake's reservoir,Ted Meckes and Michelle Nicol hold the 2014 A W W A Source Protection Award. along with access and erosion control programs and partnerships with several federal, state and nongovernmental agencies, all of which have led to ongoing management practices that promote source protection in the Lake Springfield watershed.

Water Works Operators Silas Chandra, Lee Delay, and Kenneth McCart took third place in the conference's team Top Ops Competition, which tested operators' knowledge in water operation, treatment and distribution topics.

Two employees—Jim Duncan, Superintendent of Water Operations and Distribution, and Mike Pickett, Water Purification Plant Foreman—received the Quarter Century Service Award from the ISAWWA and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for having served for 25 or more years in the water supply industry. Duncan has been with CWLP for 31 years and Pickett for 30 years.

Water Division Manager Ted Meckes and Michelle Nicol, Engineering Technician 5 in the Water Resources Department, were instrumental in assembling the information that led to CWLP's First Place finish in the ISAWWA's 2014 Source Water Protection Award competition.


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