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From time to time, when CWLP needs to collect information from our customers, we will use surveys and other types of questionnaires to do so. The information we collect in this way may be used to devise new or make improvements to existing customer services and programs, to ensure we are doing the best job possible in serving you, or to enable the utility to meet specific regulatory requirements. To access a current survey, please click on the appropriate blue expandable panel below.

Backflow (Cross-Connection) Control Survey

Every water supplier has a responsibility to provide water that is safe to drink and our customers should be able to trust that the water delivered to them is safe. In order to do this, we ALL must do everything we can to keep the water clean and safe by preventing the possibility of backflow.

photo of woman drinking water from a glass

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of non-potable water or other substances through a cross connection and into the piping of the public water supply. This contamination can move throughout the distribution system and into the homes of your neighbors.

In residential homes, lawn irrigation systems are the most frequent cause of concern as lawn chemicals could be drawn into the water system if system pressures were to drop due to a fire flow or main break in the area. Commercial buildings need to protect the public water supply from their irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, boilers and specialty equipment like medical devices, ice machines and commercial laundries.

The Illinois EPA requires every water supplier to survey all of their water customers to identify these possible cross connections every two years. Your voluntary compliance is greatly appreciated.

You can complete the survey online by clicking on the link below. If you prefer to have a paper copy of sent to you, please contact the Backflow hotline at 789-2323, ext. 1630. After finishing your survey, be sure to place a reminder on your calendar to complete and submit another one every two years.

Open the Backflow (Cross-Connection) Control Survey

To learn more about backflow and how to prevent it, check out our online pamphlet, Protecting Against Backflow Contamination.


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