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Making sure your building is weatherized against the elements should be the first step almost any residential or business customer takes to reduce energy costs and increase occupant comfort. Weatherization involves sealing the building envelope against air leaks (through the use of such products as caulk and weatherstripping) and against heat transfer through walls, ceilings and other building surfaces (through the use of such products as insulation, storm doors and windows, and window films).

Two programs offered by CWLP—Helping Homes Weatherization Assistance and Smart Solutions Workshops—focus specifically on helping residential customers weatherize their homes. Helping Homes helps qualifying low-income customers make weatherization improvements they would otherwise not be able to afford. The Smart Solutions Workshops provide the know-how and a small "starter kit" of products residential customers need to perform relatively easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself weatherization projects.

In addition to these programs, CWLP also offers other services, including energy audits and technical assistance, that further assist customers in understanding how and affording to improve the weatherization of their properties.

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