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CWLP's Helping Homes program is designed to help qualifying low-income electric customers reduce their energy costs through the installation of energy-saving retrofits to their homes. The types of retrofits that might be made to a home under this program—including adding insulation, replacing the heating system with a new furnace or heat pump, caulking and weatherstripping, upgrading lighting, and replacing an inefficient refrigerator—are determined case-by-case based on an energy audit conducted by CWLP. Improvements will be made—at no cost to the participating customers—by contractors who have been approved by CWLP.

Qualifying and Applying for the Helping Homes Program
Eligible low-income customers must:
1. have CWLP electric service in their names (or the names of their legal spouses);
2. own and live in their homes; and
3. meet the following household income guidelines:
  # of Persons
in Household
Household Income
  1 $41,300
  2 $47,200
  3 $53,150
  4 $58,950
  5 $63,700
  6 $68,400
  7 $73,100
  8 $77,850

If you believe you meet these criteria and would like to apply for the program, call 789-2957 on or after March 21, 2016. Applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until available funds are depleted. For more information, contact the CWLP Energy Services Office by phone, at (217) 789-2070, or by email.

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