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CWLP has partnered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) WaterSense program to encourage customers to adopt water-saving habits and install water-saving devices in their homes. By partnering with the nationally recognized program, CWLP can provide customers with reliable information about high-performing water-efficient products and practices.

To learn more about the USEPA or the WaterSense program, visit WaterSense is a partnership program developed by USEPA to promote water-efficient products and practices across the country.

How Will You Benefit by Using WaterSense Products?
When shopping for bathroom faucets, showerheads, toilets, flushing urinals and other water-using devices, look for the WaterSense label. Products that bear this label:
use about 20% less water while performing as well as or better than conventional models.
will help you save on your utility bill.

Take the WaterSense Quiz and Check Out Our Water-Saving Pamphlets
Do you know how much water your household uses . . . and for what? The WaterSense online quiz will test your knowledge about how much water consumers typically use for various tasks and the best ways to save water in your home. Then, our online Water Quiz pamphlet will help you calculate exactly how much you use for bathing, laundry, hand washing, tooth brushing, and other water-consuming tasks, so you can see how your usage stacks up against the average consumer.

After you finish the quiz and have calculated your own water use, you can use our other informative online pamphlets, Indoor Water Use and How To Fix a Toilet Leak, to start learning ways to be a wiser water user. To receive a hard copy of the Water Quiz, Indoor Water Use or How To Fix a Toilet Leak pamphlets, contact the Energy Services Office by phone at (217) 789-2070 or by email.

If You Use an Irrigation Professional . . .
If you use an irrigation professional, you can be sure you're saving as much as possible in that area by using a WaterSense irrigation partner. Professionals with this distinction have been certified through a USEPA program that highlights water-efficient techniques. For more about irrigation (landscape watering), visit our Smart Irrigation page on this website.

Links to more information about water conservation and related topics can be found in the left-hand column of this page.


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