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CWLP's Water-Saver Kit—or any of its individual components—is available free of charge upon request to any residential retail water customer. The water-saving devices are intended for use on faucets and showers installed prior to 1992 that have not already been equipped with water-saving devices and in older-style toilets that are not classified as "low-flush."

What Devices Are Included in the Water-Saver Kit?
The components contained in the CWLP Water-Saver Kit  are:

low-flow showerhead Saves about 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) compared to a standard showerhead. Aeration maintains the "feel" of a full-flow showerhead.
low-flow kitchen aerator Saves about 2.5 gpm compared to a standard aerator.
low-flow bathroom aerator Saves about 2.5 gpm compared to a standard aerator.
toilet dam Saves about 0.75 gallon per flush.
toilet bowl fill diverter Keeps more water in the bowl during refill, saving about 0.5 gallon per flush.

In addition to these devices, CWLP also offers:

lather valve For customers with newer showerheads. Valve allows user to interrupt flow of water while lathering, without requiring water temperature to be reset. Can reduce shower-related water use by 30% or more. Installs between the showerhead and shower arm.
flip valve, swivel kitchen aerator For customers who do most of their dishwashing by hand. Flip-up valve makes it easy for user to cut off water flow—without affecting water temperature—while washing dishes and to turn the water back on for rinsing. In a test by ESO, use of this device resulted in a 2.5 gallon water savings compared to the amount used to wash the same dishes while water flowed freely.

The CWLP Water-Saver Kit also contains dye tablets that can help customers identify some types of toilet tank leaks. These leak detection tablets are intended for use by all CWLP water customers, regardless of the age of their toilets.

For more information about the Water-Saver Kit or about water efficiency in general, contact the CWLP Energy Services Office by:

phone: (217) 789-2070
FAX: (217) 789-2210

Links to more information about water conservation and related topics can be found in the left-hand column of this page.


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