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CWLP strives to help customers get the greatest value for every dollar they spend on water service. Toward this end, the utility works to educate customers on the value of water efficiency and sponsors programs aimed at helping them improve their own water efficiency without requiring them to sacrifice comfort and convenience.

Key among these programs are a water-saver kit giveaway, a potential-leak detection audit, a lawn-watering educational program, a water- and energy-saving program for facilities with commercial kitchens, rebates, and pamphlets that can help you save water indoors and outdoors. These water conservation programs are administered by CWLP's Energy Services Office (ESO).

Water-Saver Kits
CWLP's Water Saver Kit—or any of its individual components—is available free of charge to CWLP residential retail water customers. The kit components are intended for use on older (more than 10 years old) faucets and showers that are not already equipped with water-saving devices and in older-style toilets that are not already classified as "low-flush." To obtain your Water Saver Kit, visit the CWLP Energy Services Office, 1008 E. Miller Street ( just north of downtown Springfield, between N. 9th and N. 11th Streets) .

Rebate and Give-away Programs to Encourage Water Conservation
To encourage CWLP water customers to use water more efficiently, CWLP has offered a variety water conservation-related rebate and give-away programs. Some of these programs are on temporary hiatus, while others are ongoing. Rebate programs that are either currently active or expected to be re-instated in the future include:
High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate
Rain Barrel Rebate

The USEPA WaterSense Program
CWLP is now a partner in the USEPA's WaterSense program, which is designed to promote water-efficient products and practices across the country. Find out more about this partnership and how it can benefit you.

Links to more information about CWLP's water conservation programs and water efficiency in general, as well as related topics, can be found in the left-hand column of this page.


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