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City Water, Light and Power is committed to providing its customers with smart, reliable power at the lowest possible cost. Over the past several years, CWLP has embarked on a number of new projects and initiatives to ensure a bright future for Springfield's energy program. In November 2009, CWLP assumed operating control of Dallman 4, its then-new 200-megawatt coal-fired unit, which employs the best pollution control technologies available. In addition, up to 120 megawatts of wind power per year have been added to the utility's energy portfolio.

In conjunction with new and expanded energy sources, CWLP also offers a number of programs and services designed to encourage customers to increase their efforts at energy conservation.

Read More About:   THE SMART ENERGY FORUM (click to open)
CWLP welcomes input and ideas to help shape the most effective and desirable energy conservation programs. These programs will be good for the environment and will yield a cost savings on our customers' utility bills. In order to make it as easy as possible to gather ideas and suggestions, CWLP has established the Smart Energy Forum to reach out directly to the community.

Public comments can be submitted by email, fax (217-789-2136, ATTN: CWLP Smart Energy), or mail (CWLP Smart Energy, Municipal Center East, 800 E. Monroe, Springfield, IL 62757).

CWLP's Energy Services Office (ESO) continues to provide a variety of educational and incentive services and programs aimed at helping customers increase the energy and water efficiency of their homes and businesses.

CWLP's Smart Solutions Efficiency Workshops provide hands-on experience to customers on smart ways to lower their energy bills. Workshops for the general public are scheduled year-round. On-demand workshops for civic groups and other nonprofit organizations are available upon request for groups of 15-50. Contact the Energy Services Office for more information or to schedule a workshop.

For more information about the various services and programs currently offered, visit the Energy Services section of this website or contact ESO.

                       AND THE RENEWABLE CHOICE PROGRAM FOR CUSTOMERS (click to open)
CWLP's overall energy portfolio is approximately 20% "green," thanks to its long-term contracts to purchase 120-megawatts of clean, renewable wind power from NextEra Energy Resources LLC. Learn more.

CWLP customers who also want to neutralize the environmental impact of their monthly energy usage can do so by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) through the utility's Renewable Choice Program. RECs are certificates provided by "green"-energy producers that guarantee they are generating electricity using only eligible renewable energy sources (such as solar, wind or biomass). One REC is equal to one megawatt-hour (MWH) of "green" electricity. A MWH is 1000 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Learn more about the Renewable Choice Program.



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