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The chart below explains the monthly fees for security lights that are able to be mounted on existing poles. The monthly fee for each light depends on the wattage of the light installed.

The customer will not be charged an initial installation fee unless additional equipment needs to be installed to bring 120-volt service to an area where it is not already available. In this case, the customer will be charged for the cost of installing the additional equipment. Customers requesting the relocation of existing security lights will be required to pay the entire cost of the relocation.

Rate Code Wattage/Light Type   Light Output/Light
Type (in lumens)


49  100/MV 3,350 $7.25
50 100/HPS or 175/MV 7,000/HPS; 8,500/MV $10.50
51 250/HPS or 400/MV 20,000/HPS; 45,000/MV $13.25
52 400/HPS or 1000/MV 54,000 $22.00

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