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APPA awards CWLP Electric Divison
its platinum level RP3 certification.
City Water, Light & Power is the supplier of electricity for residents and businesses of Springfield, IL.

    To report a power outage or
other electrical emergency:
Call 789-2121

CWLP's Electric Division facilities include the Stevenson Drive plant complex, which consists of the Dallman and Dallman 4 coal-fired power stations, and three diesel generators, as well as a maintenance facility and a waste water treatment plant.

Read More About Our Electric System Facilities (click to open)
All four Dallman generating units are served by selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, which significantly reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions; sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubbers; and electrostatic precipitators that reduce particulate emissions. In addition, the Dallman 4 Power Station is equipped with: a fabric filter bag house that also aids in particulate emission; a powdered activated carbon injection system for mercury removal; and a state-of-the-art cooling tower that eliminates the need to send high-temperature cooling water back into Lake Springfield.

At other locations, the Division maintains an operations dispatch center and transmission and distribution (T&D) engineering office; an electric overhead, underground, substation and service office; three peaking turbines; and a number of substations.

In addition to owning our own generating capacity, CWLP has entered into two long-term contracts to purchase up to 120 megawatts of wind power per year.

CWLP's Fiber Optics Network (click to open)
Generation and T&D aren’t the only responsibilities of the Electric Division. The Division has also installed over 100 miles of high-speed fiber optic communications cable throughout Springfield. The initial purpose of the installation was to improve communications between CWLP facilities. With this goal accomplished, the utility now makes it possible for other members of our community to gain access to the network and to benefit from the advantages it offers. To date, approximately 70 area entities—including schools, medical facilities, banks, insurance companies, county offices, and car dealerships—have connected to CWLP’s high-speed Wide Area Network (WAN) at a lower cost than they would have paid for a similar service from private-sector telecommunications companies.

What Electrical Contractors Need to Know
(click to open)
Electrical contractors and installers—including do-it-yourselfers—can use our Contractor Info page to find out about the rules and regulations regarding electrical installations, get information about interconnecting on-site generators, learn where to obtain meter sockets, and access related forms.

Links to even more information about the CWLP Electric Division and related topics can be found in the left-hand column of this page.


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