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For installations in the CWLP service territory, all electrical contractors and electrical installers are required to follow the guidelines set forth in CWLP's Rules and Specifications for Electric Service. This manual, commonly referred to as the "Blue Book," includes CWLP's requirements and costs for residential, commercial and industrial electric service installations. Among the topics covered in the manual are: electric metering, application for electric service, relocation of CWLP electric facilities, supplemental electrical facilities, voltage regulation, net metering and interconnection, use of generators, temporary service, permanent service, electric service upgrades, residential and commercial developments, street lighting, and security lighting.

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CWLP no longer issues self-contained electric meter sockets free of charge. Instead, CWLP provides an approved list of self-contained meter sockets, and each customer or customer representative is responsible for purchasing approved self-contained meter sockets from a supply house.

Instrument-rated meter sockets are available for purchase from CWLP and are issued at the Electric Distribution Center, located at 1600 S. Groth Street.

Links to additional information and forms intended for use by electrical contractors and installers working in CWLP's service territory, as well as information about related utility topics, can be found in the left-hand column of this page.


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