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Key personnel listed below are located in CWLP's administrative office, located on the 4th Floor at Municipal Center East, 800 E. Monroe St., Springfield, IL 62757.

The FAX number for all personnel listed below is (217) 789-2136.

The area code for all phone numbers listed below is 217.

Brief bios for each of these key personnel, as well as their general areas of responsibility, can be found on the Management page of this website or by clicking on the titles below.

Chief Utility Engineer Doug Brown 789-2116, ext. 2659
Water Division Manager Ted Meckes 789-2116, ext. 2612
Finance Director Ken Crutcher 789-2116, ext. 2610
Regulatory Affairs Director Deborah Williams 789-2116, ext. 2659

Links to other CWLP contact information and related topics can be found in the left-hand column of this page.


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