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Power out or other electrical emergency?
Call 789-2121.
Water out or other water emergency?
Call 789-2323.
Street light out or in need of repair?
Report it here.
Have a question, comment or need to report
a non-emergency problem?
Use our online feedback form.
Click on the links below to find phone numbers and other contact information for:
- CWLP's key personnel
- CWLP's most frequently contacted offices, including those that deal with service outages and customer bill concerns
- CWLP's special utility programs and services


If you have a power service outage or emergency, call 789-2121. If you have a water service outage or emergency, call 789-2323.

If you know of a street light that is out or otherwise in need of repair, you can report it here.

If you have a non-emergency, non-time-sensitive question, comment or suggestion concerning CWLP in general, CWLP service, or a CWLP employee or facility, feel free to use our feedback form or send us an email.

If you have comments or questions specifical-
ly related to this website, you can contact the website administrator directly by:

  phone:   (217) 789-2116, x 2629  
  Or use our feedback form.  


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