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CWLP relies on our customers to help us identify street lights that are out or otherwise in need of repair. Please use the form below to report any street light outages or issues of which you are aware. We will investigate and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

You are not required to provide your name and contact information, but it could be helpful in case we need additional information from you.

What kind of street light problem would you like to report?

What is the location of the light(s) in question?
It is very important for you to be as precise as possible in reporting the location of the street light(s) in question because repairs are made during daylight hours when our crews cannot tell whether or not a light is working. When providing the location of the light(s), please give us any and all of the following applicable information: the address of the building or buildings nearest the light; the side of the street the light is on; and, if it is a corner light, the corner (for example NW or SE) on which it is located.

Pole Tag Number:

How can we get in touch with you?

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